Disrupting the Construction Logjam Through Innovation

by | Jan 12, 2022 | News

Sometimes an industry gets stuck in its ways, and it takes vision to overcome inertia and introduce a solution that dramatically improves efficiency in terms of time and cost. Platform LLC has set out to do just that with its paradigm shifting approach to a critical phase of construction. The Platform Method™ will be an integrated solution that will change the industry for the better.

The Platform Problem

Every building requires a base – or platform – and this part of the construction is currently an expensive, time consuming, overly complicated process. On average, platforms represent 23% of the cost and 40% of the time needed to complete construction. Each platform build involves an assembly of an ad hoc team of nearly a dozen of entities, including ownership, an architect, engineers, subcontractors, and specialized consultants. With so many players mobilized during this phase in the construction process, there is a far greater risk of inefficiency and error. Platform delivery represents one of the greatest pain points in the construction industry.

The Platform Method™ Solution

Rather than rely on a complicated integration of many players, The Platform Method™ will integrate the major entities, creating synergies and increased market share, which enables economies of scale. From site assessment, design and engineering, site prep to actual construction, the integration of the solution puts this entire phase of construction under one roof. The Platform Method™ will improve coordination of existing techniques and introduce new technologies and techniques to reduce the time and cost to design and produce platforms. With a single point of contact and accountability, The Platform Method™ will  limit errors, mitigate unforeseen circumstances, and improve quality of the final product.

Nearly a Century of Relevant Experience

Platform LLC is building a  dream team of experts in the industry. Founder and CEO, Adrian G. Washington, has over 30 years of experience in urban real estate development, construction, and management. He has led the start-up of three private companies, including his current company, and one public-private entity. COO, Alex Shewchuk brings 20 years of experience in real estate development and start-ups. This team has a unique combination of skills that they are leveraging to create and implement The Platform Method™. The team is using a roll up strategy to acquire a portfolio of existing companies, which has allowed for rapid growth, quickly achieving market-leading economies of scale.

 A Washington DC Roll-Out

Beginning with projects in the greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area, Platform LLC will validate The Platform Method™ through a variety of commercial and mixed-use construction projects. Using existing relationships and experience, Platform LLC will be demonstrating the value of The Platform Method™ in the 5th largest construction market in the country. The company projects expanding to other fast-growing markets in the Southeast US, including Austin, Nashville and Charlotte, eventually establishing a nationwide presence.

With an emphasis on the three Ps of People, Planet and Profit, Platform LLC believes that the goal of making profits must be balanced with the concerns of people and the health of the planet. As an African-American owned company, Platform LLC has prioritized establishing a workforce that reflects the communities in which it works, including traditionally hard to employ demographics. The Platform Method™ employs industry-leading green methods and has projected to be carbon neutral by 2026. Finally, the company’s strategy provides multiple paths for revenue, growth and profitability, integrating a high growth concept with an emphasis on value.

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