The Platform Promise is About People and Planet

by | Apr 29, 2022 | News

With an industry-disrupting concept, Platform is poised to effect major change in the building construction process. There’s little doubt that this revolutionary approach will lead to increased efficiencies and greater profits, but Platform has set out to do more. Looking beyond the bottom line, Platform’s approach and partnerships reflect a commitment to effect change that positively impacts underserved communities as well as the environment.

Benefiting the Drive for Affordable Housing

Platform has partnered with minority-owned Neighborhood Development Company on projects addressing the affordable housing crisis. Through faster, cheaper, more energy-efficient construction, more units can be built to offer homeownership opportunities in underserved communities through designs intended to integrate and align with the existing community. Among the projects is a mixed-use 7-story building in Ward 8 of Washington, DC. Located in the historic St. Elizabeth’s East Campus, this project will deliver 126 affordable housing units and a local, minority-owned anchor restaurant as part of the revitalization of this opportunity zone.

People are Part of the Process

The construction industry offers career opportunities that bring satisfaction and security. The door to these jobs has traditionally been hard to open for people who are ready to work but are in need of a fresh start. Platform is committed to hiring and working with these underrepresented people, giving them the opportunity to gain experience and earn a living with pride and dignity. By hiring locally and intentionally seeking underserved populations, the benefits of the Platform Method™ have an immediate impact that is part of the process.

Progress for the Planet

Platform is committed to changing the construction industry in a way that continues environmentally conscious progress. Our partnership with NDC has already initiated a multi-pronged approach. Location, design, process, and materials are each selected with an eye for the environment. For example, Platform is working on a mixed-use project located across the street from a metro station. 218 Cedar Street, known as the Arbor at Takoma, will bring housing and commercial space to this vibrant, historic neighborhood. Platform will be utilizing sophisticated construction techniques and materials, to complete the initial phase of this project. The finished building will be in a highly walkable neighborhood, encouraging residents and customers to minimize car use.

Platform was conceived with the belief that a revolution can occur on multiple fronts, and its transformative process needed to be coupled with conscious attention to the greater good. By incorporating people and the planet into the mix, Platform stands ready to bring about improvements to the construction industry as well as its wider areas of impact. To learn how to become a part of the Platform promise, go to the investment page at Small Change.