The Low Down on the Platform Foundational Innovation

by | Jun 2, 2022 | News

In May, the Platform team offered a unique opportunity to learn more about the Platform Method™, the company, and the investment opportunities available through Small Change. Through a series of one-hour webinars, the leadership team of CEO Adrian G. Washington, COO Alex Shewchuk, and Vice President, Construction, Jim Maltese, gave a detailed, engaging introduction to this industry-disrupting company.

Adrian Washington Helped Participants See the Platform Solution

“Look around you,” said Washington, “every building you see has one thing in common: it is built on a platform.” In construction-speak, the platform is the base of any building, whether it’s excavation and multiple subfloors or a surface slab.” Washington pointed out that every platform is a complex interplay between a number of trades, each having to coordinate their part of the process with one another. To date, no single provider has been able to deliver this critical base of the structure as a one-stop-shop. Platform proposes to be that innovator. Instead of the headache of coordinating and executing the platform phase of construction, developers, builders, and general contractors can look to Platform to offer a turn-key product that can literally be built upon in the next phases of construction.

Jim Maltese Painted a Picture of Active Projects

The Platform Method™ is already being put into practice throughout the Washington, DC, area. Jim gave participants fascinating details about the multiple projects in process or in the pipeline. He showed how the Platform Method™ adapts to the needs of each building, supplying the necessary focus and expertise in building platforms for each, unique situation. The range of offerings that Platform is able to make– demonstrates that the company is prepared to seize opportunities to partner with other construction-related entities in a variety of innovative ways.

Alex Shewchuk Talked About the Bottom Line

Letting investors know the financial prospects of the company rounded out the presentation, with Alex explaining where the company stands on its path to success. With information about the current investment cycle, including how much has already been invested and timelines, Alex provided a realistic summary of Platform from an ROI point of view. He was detailed about the numbers, and his in-depth understanding of the investment opportunity was clearly conveyed to the participants.

When management teams make themselves available to a large pool of potential investors to offer concrete information and insights, they give interested parties a chance to ask questions and learn more about the possibilities. The webinars conducted by Platform delivered this experience to participants. If you are interested in learning more about investing in Platform, make it happen before the offering ends around June 10th—   visit the Small Change investment site today.

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