Platform’s 2023 Roundup

by | Jan 10, 2024 | News

As we finish up a fun and eventful 3rd year as a start-up. Platform is pleased and excited about the journey so far. We’ve seen growth and evolution based on successes achieved and lessons learned. Here are some of the highlights of 2023.

Platform Goes Beyond Its Namesake

Our original conception as a structural platform provider has remained the most significant focus of the business. However, the sophisticated methodology and industry knowledge our team brings to the table has allowed us to expand our offerings to assist with additional phases of construction as a problem solver for GCs who need our unique capacities in a variety of ways. We’ve been able to come in at different phases of projects to offer solutions that are neither available from other subs nor practical for the GC to undertake on its own.

Process Makes Perfect

Platform operates on a motto and an acronym. In order to deliver “better, faster, cheaper,” Platform uses the CANI approach: Constant And Never-ending Improvement. We started our company to deliver a consolidated approach to platform construction, incorporating multiple trades to integrate the process and deliver true efficiency. This same multi-pronged strategy applies to other phases of construction and is capable of constant refinement. In 2023, we were able to improve on all three of our goals.

Projects, Scopes, and Partners

2023 saw Platform delivering results in all four quadrants of Washington, DC. We have worked on everything from assisting GCs in the pre-bidding process to completing discrete projects like laying concrete flooring in an existing structure, constructing an access bridge to a commercial property, and, of course, completing structural platform installations demonstrating our impressive capabilities in our namesake offering. Our 2005 11th Street project marked the first time that Platform was able to build an 11,0000-square-foot structural platform for a building, demonstrating our capabilities of structural concrete self-performance. We surpassed the client’s expectations by coming in on time and under budget. 3450 Eads was our second completed structural platform in 2023, doubling our output in a 20,000-square-foot project. Our next structural platform project, Lisner Senior Project, will be 46,000 square feet in an affordable senior housing construction consisting of 93 units on four levels.

Educating Our Clients

As an innovator in the industry, Platform’s offerings are not immediately apparent to our target clients. We have developed an educational sales process that includes important demonstrations of our capabilities. We are finding that GCs are responding with high interest once we can get in and show how effective the Platform solution can be to their project. This has resulted in some clients treating us as the “go-to” for multiple aspects of a development where they are challenged with finding the specialized trades. Platform’s approach allows us to fill these needs and establish our credibility as a basis for a long-term relationship.

Enhancing the Team

Innovation needs to be grounded in the actual need to be effective. Platform has blended capacity, attitude, and skill to grow its team into a powerhouse that shares in delivering on the company’s mission. Platform has struck a good balance between experienced seniors and youthful exuberance on the team. We grew to a team of 24 in 2023, adding engineers, project managers, foreman, concrete workers, technical experts, and other disciplines to round out our core team.

We look forward to 2024 as we continue to grow and establish ourselves in the Washington, DC, market as a “go-to” partner for GCs looking to improve their bottom line and deliver industry-leading results on their projects. If you would like to know more about Platform, please contact us.