Platform’s Milestones at Mary’s House

by | Apr 9, 2024 | News

When a charitable organization expands its services, minimizing time and expense is a priority. Platform is thrilled to be participating in the development of new housing for Mary’s House. Hamel Builders has entrusted the platform phase of the Villages at Mary’s House for Older Adults to Platform. Our revolutionary approach to a critical phase of construction will help the project to be delivered smoothly and efficiently.

Keeping Construction on Track

The groundbreaking for the project took place in the Summer of 2023, beginning with the demolition of an existing structure. This two-year-long project has reached an important milestone. Starting in March 2024, Platform will start pouring the cement that will take shape into a structure containing 15 single-occupancy residences and over 5,000 square feet of communal living space. According to Platform CEO and Founder Adrian Washington, “We are so pleased to be participating in bringing this project to fruition. We love working to build affordable housing for underserved communities.”

Safe, Supportive Housing in Anacostia

The purpose of Mary’s House for Older Adults is to offer housing to LGBTQ elders who often live invisibly in the community, suffering from a lack of services, isolation, and other challenges that come with aging. Creating a community that offers culturally competent services to the residents takes planning and collaboration. The building will be a three-story structure with a basement. Each level adds to the amenities designed to enhance the lives of the residents. The ground level will include common spaces such as a reception area, great room, screened porch, kitchen, library, dining, living room, and administrative offices. The upper two levels each include seven living units as well as common areas for storage, seating, and laundry facilities. Several amenities will be provided at the basement level including an exercise room, yoga studio, and media room.

Platform delivers mission-critical services to construction Cheaper Faster Better. To learn more about the ways that Platform adds meaningful value to the construction and development process, contact us today.