Platform Will be Participating in a World Class Accelerator Program

by | Apr 30, 2024 | News

Platform is thrilled to share that it has been selected for the 2024 Cohort of the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs Accelerator program. Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs is a non-profit organization serving the global Harvard alumni community. This prestigious opportunity arrives at just the right time in Platform’s growth, offering exciting resources, mentorship, and additional avenues toward development that Platform is positioned to capitalize on. The program concludes with a Demo Day that allows each company to showcase its offerings and plans, with the winner qualifying to compete at the Startup World Cup ‘24 event and the chance to win the grand prize of a $1 million investment.

The HAE Accelerator is a Match for Platform

The program is a zero-investment accelerator that selects companies with high potential for success and impact. They will look for companies with a compelling value proposition, a strong team with a proven track record, and good initial traction in a sector or geography where the company has a unique advantage. Platform couldn’t fit the bill more perfectly.

Platform was formed in 2020, and it has gotten off to an impressive start with its strong leadership team, including Harvard Alumni Adrian G. Washington, Platform’s founder and CEO. Platform’s business model is poised to revolutionize the construction industry by meeting the full scope of needs for the initial phases of construction, delivering cheaper, better, faster. Working with the mentors and utilizing all the resources offered by the Accelerator program, Platform can continue on its successful trajectory.

Platform will be represented by Washington in the virtual educational sessions. “I am excited to meet the mentors, teachers, and fellow entrepreneurs participating in the program,” says Washington. “I think the energy alone generated by these gatherings will act as an accelerant for us.” For more information about Platform contact us today.